The DLC & # 39; s sequel size & # 39; Cloudpunk comes with a mockery for a full simulation of cyberpunk life

The dlc & # 39; s sequel size & # 39; cloudpunk comes with a mockery for a full simulation of cyberpunk life

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Cloudpunk's voxel taxi service opens a new service in the lower part of the city, as the new "sequel size" of the cab-noire adventure DLC City of Ghosts arrives today.

Picking up where he left off the base game, City of Ghosts explores the deepest, darkest world of Nivalis ’raw infrastructure. We'll be reunited with taxi driver Rania and her artificial intelligence dog as they flee debt collectors and killer robots, but the DLC also introduces a new protagonist Hayse, a drunk player with a friendly covered android and an elegant, chrome hovercar.

There will be more playable characters who will take the wheel throughout the story, one that developer Ion Lands considers to be as long as the base game. City of Ghost also introduces fully customizable engines, street racing, and multiple endings based on decisions made throughout the base game and DLC.

We I really liked Cloudpunk, with critic Andy K praising an imposing cyberpunk city that is "absolutely immersed in the environment." The good news, then, is that Ion Lands plans to return to his neo-black city beyond this sizeable snippet of the Cloudpunk DLC.

A cyberpunk ramen bar surrounded by customers

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Ion Lands also tested a new game today, Nivalis, located in the city of the same name of Cloudpunk. At the moment there is only one Steam page, but what is there sounds promising. Nivalis is a "lifetime simulator" that allows you to start and grow your own business, whether it's a nightclub, a restaurant, a restaurant or whatever.

“At Nivalis, choose how to spend your time in the city,” reads the store’s description. "In this unique life simulator with realistic weather simulation and night and day cycles, you can grow your business, meet weird and diverse characters, make friends and experience the danger and wonder of this cyberpunk voxel city."

It sounds ambitious and promises a game that will allow you to live a totally simulated life full of strange people with more unknown stories. But it also seems to lean towards the best parts of Cloudpunk, that is, simply existing within a meticulously made Blade Runner metropolis.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts is now available Steam for £ 11.69 / $ 13.49.

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