The Dota 2 championship has to move because Sweden will not classify it as an "elite sporting event"

The dota 2 championship has to move because sweden will not classify it as an "elite sporting event"

The Dota 2 World Championships will have to move elsewhere this year as its long-awaited Stockholm forecast has vanished amid a decision to classify Swedish government officials. Valve had been working with local and national agencies since 2019 to plan the tenth release of The International. The International is the highest paid sports event, with more than $ 40 million this year.

"Despite the above guarantees, two weeks ago we were informed that the Swedish Sports Federation had just voted not to accept sports in the sports federation," Valve told an announcement. Valve later appealed to the Swedish Interior Minister, who refused to recognize The International 10 as an "elite sporting event". Without this classification, contestants are not guaranteed entry into the country due to Covid-19 restrictions. You can imagine that it is difficult to have a tournament when there is a possibility that some team members will not be able to appear.

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