The extremely metal retro handle Amid Evil now has RTX lighting

The extremely metal retro handle amid evil now has rtx lighting

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Amid Evil is my favorite mix of 90's aesthetics and modern technology in any retro shooter. It's small and full of low-level enemies, but every world you travel through is completely unique. You can kill snake and wizard men in a cosmic void and skate along the tops of gargantuan machinery in an oppressive no man’s land. I have touched all the stages and I intend to do it all again with RTX enabled thanks to update today.

Developer Amid Evil, Indefatigable, has been working to add ray tracking since 2019 "for no other reason than it sounds sweet" and can be played in beta for over a year. After much testing, RTX has finally integrated into the game, along with DLSS 2.0. Even if you don’t have an RTX card, you can benefit from DLSS – this is a game you really want to play at 144 fps if possible.

When you open Amid Evil on Steam, there is now a launcher option to play with RTX support enabled. If you always if you want RTX support enabled, you can right-click the game, press Properties, and paste "-dx12" (without the quotes) in the Launch Options field. Here's a list of Amid Evil's ray tracing options on its Steam page:

  • Reflections: Reflections allow for realistic reflections. This means you will be able to see things in reflections that would be behind the camera view. for example. Looking at a puddle and looking at the ceiling in great detail. Or behind you on a reflective wall.
  • Screen Percentage: The screen percentage is the screen percentage at which reflections will be traced. You will get a lower resolution reflection the lower the%. About 80% is a good quality / performance balance.
  • Shadows: Shadows drawn by lightning will allow you to cast shadows on enemies and get more accurate shadows from dynamic lights.
  • Maximum Shadows: Adjusts the maximum amount of ray projection lights that cast shadows. Around 12 is a good quality / performance balance.
  • Light Boost: will increase the dynamic lights existing in the level decorations (torches, spotlights, etc.). This comes at a cost of performance.
  • Reflect Boost: will increase the threshold at which reflections will be displayed on materials. This comes at a cost of performance.

Evil Evil developers are also working on it a "complete pre-expansion" called The Black Maze. There is no expiration date yet.

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