The fable will be very British and you will play it before Elder Scrolls 6

The fable will be very british and you will play it before elder scrolls 6

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer took part in the 500th episode of IGN Unlocked Podcastand, in the process, left a trail of tasty breadcrumbs on some of the monster’s most anticipated titles. One of them is the reboot of the Fable series developed by Playground Games, better known as the Forza Horizon series, which he briefly addressed while talking about Obsidian’s Avowed.

Since his announcement, Avowed has been seen as Obsidian's Skyrim killer, but Spencer thinks that "the games are very different, so maybe it's a little hard for me to say that this is our version of this: just know what Fergus (Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian) and the team will do, but when I think about our training and I think about this more basic fantasy RPG setup, I think Avowed will be an amazing participant there. "

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