The film based on the 2016 Ubisoft VR party game, Werewolves Within, actually looks pretty good

The film based on the 2016 ubisoft vr party game, werewolves within, actually looks pretty good

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Of all the games that will fit into a movie, Ubisoft 2016’s VR VR party game, Werewolves Within, might not jump as the obvious choice. But in 2018 Redstorm Entertainment’s social deduction game began to develop as a film and the production of the horror comedy began in 2020. This week we saw the trailer for the first time.

And it looks pretty good! In the small town of Beaverton, a heavy snowstorm catches several quirky residents and gunmen at the local inn, while a newly hired ranger and a local postal worker try to prevent them from panicking. It turns out that one of them — or more — is a werewolf, and as in the mob-style game, the other residents have to figure out who the secret werewolf is if they want to survive.

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