The Final Fantasy 14 birthday cake will make you want to eat a moogle

The final fantasy 14 birthday cake will make you want to eat a moogle

It’s been eight years since Final Fantasy 14 was re-released as Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn. To celebrate the anniversary, Square Enix ordered a cake from the famous baker Kim-Joy, who you may know from the new series of the British Great Bake-Off or its various cookbooks. And that’s why PC Gamer is now a website about bakery products. (The PC means Picturesque Cake).

Kim-Joy’s Final Fantasy Cake is even more adorable than the delights she decorated with cats and foxes in Bake-Off and features several iconic Final Fantasy creatures. It is a three-tiered lemon sponge with a spring-covered desert level for icing cookie cacti, a level of blue sky butter cream with chocobos already finished and spriggans full of custard with gelatin gems, crowned by a fondant-coated moogle. This is obviously the work of a fan of Final Fantasy and deserves a handshake from Paul Hollywood as soon as possible.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

To return to video games for a second, the anniversary of Final Fantasy 14 is celebrated in the game with the return of The uprising event until September 9th. Players can "travel to the Nald stairs in the city of Ulda to help Kipih Jakkya" for rewards, including Nymeia potpourri and a red moon umbrella that will make them the perfect accessory for to your magician whatever.

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