The first fully modular Intel laptop is now shipped and I hope it is a success

The first fully modular intel laptop is now shipped and i hope it is a success

Try your best, the manufacturers have not had much success pushing fully modular laptops into mainstream. Framework hopes this may be the exception. We’ll find out soon if you can, as the first Framework laptop configurations that were pre-ordered in May of this year have started shipping to customers.

"Pre-orders for batch 1 for the July delivery continue to be shipped from our warehouse every day. We will begin shipments of batch 2 for the August delivery shortly thereafter," Framework said in a statement. blog post. "We have a small number of laptop units and Batch 2 Framework laptop frames currently available for sale, with a fully refundable $ 100 deposit pending today. If you place a pre-order now, some of you they will be able to receive your order within 3-4 weeks ".

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