The first Halo Infinite technical preview will arrive soon, maybe even next weekend

Here’s our first look at the halo infinite multiplayer

It’s been a long road to Halo Infinite, but players could be immersed as early as next weekend. 343 Industries is currently preparing a technical preview for the game’s free multiplayer component, focused on fine-tuning the facility’s AI Bots, the first in the series ’history.

As a result, the first technical preview will be quite limited in scope: in addition to Bot Arenas, which pits four human players against four AIs, 343 Industries will focus on collecting data on the new Academy weapon exercises. These are reproducible training areas populated by robots with various skill levels. There will be 12 weapons available for use in these drills and the robots will have four levels of difficulty. In other words, it will be a good way to acclimatize to different weapons.

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