The first major DLC of Streets of Rage 4 arrives on July 15 and will allow you to hit the thugs with a swordfish

The first major dlc of streets of rage 4 arrives on july 15 and will allow you to hit the thugs with a swordfish

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The first great DLC of Streets of Rage 4, Mr. X & # 39; s Nightmare, will be released on July 15 on Steam, GOG and Windows Store, and has a new trailer to celebrate. The highlight of this expansion is that it adds a survival mode: endless waves of increasingly harsh enemies, with your fighters gaining stackable advantages as long as you keep them alive. As can be seen above, this can lead to ridiculous offensive potential.

There are two survival modes: random, which keeps each fight unpredictable through generated races, and weekly, a series of static gloves generated each week. Playing Survival will also permanently unlock new moves in the rest of the game modes, progression will unlock new weapons and other bonuses, and of course there are leaderboards.

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