The first samples of Intel's latest generation Alder Lake CPU are already sold in China

The first samples of intel's latest generation alder lake cpu are already sold in china

Hardware blogger YuuKi_AnS has revealed that still unreleased samples of Intel's previously unreleased Alder Lake chips are sold in China (via Tom & # 39; s Hardware.) The top of the Intel Alder Lake battery, the Core i9 12900K seems to command prices of more than $ 1,000, though that’s no indication of PVP, and it depends on what the market can support for the unreleased hardware.

Yuuki_ans in bilibili publishing about 12900k samples

(Image credit: Bilibili)

The fact that these tokens are being sold is not particularly surprising: this kind of thing has already happened before, and it certainly won't be the last time it happens. It’s more the fact that these rating samples (QS) are already there, indicating that Alder Lake is longer in its life than some suspected.

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