The Frigid survival Frostpunk drill is available for free at Epic Store

The frigid survival frostpunk drill is available for free at epic store

Remember when we put a group of kids to work in the coal mines and one of them was horribly injured? And then, instead of giving the child free time to recover, did we call on him so that the rest would have no fun idea? Good times. Anyway, if you’ve ever aspired to this kind of firm but fair father figure, today is your lucky day, because the Frostpunk society survival game is free at Epic Games Store.

Frostpunk puts you in charge of the last city on Earth, although calling it a "city" is generous. It’s really just a small collection of people struggling desperately to survive the end of ice-filled days. And not only will they have to fight the weather and the lack of resources: people have little patience for nonsense and even though sacrifices have to be made, they have to push them too hard and they will start to back down. It’s an older game, but very good: we called it a “strategic and exciting survival” game in our 89% review, and later selected it as Best Sim of 2018.

(Image credit: 11 Bit Studios)

You thought he was joking, right?

Frostpunk is free at Epic Store until June 10th and the Rifts and Last Autumn DLCs are on sale with a 20% discount until June 17th. Next week’s free gift is another mystery, so stay tuned for this and even more free games, be sure to watch out our list.

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