The G-Man of Half-Life 2 achieves a gained brilliance

The g-man of half-life 2 achieves a gained brilliance [/ embed]

18 years after debuting with Source Engine, the enigmatic extra-dimensional entrepreneur from Half-Life is back in the spotlight thanks to an impressive fan animation from Half-Life: Source 2 from Alyx.

Corey Laddo, the notorious G-Man animator, today released a recreation of part of the technical demonstration of Half-Life 2 at E3 2003. At the time, Valve was showcasing its revolutionary facial animations with G-Man. in the spotlight, flexing their not at all -human facial muscles and demonstrating some tactile lip sync.

What’s really striking is that it’s not as big a leap as expected. Sure, our man looks sharper, more detailed, and creepier than ever, but Half-Life 2’s facial animations had already advanced years, even in 2003. It doesn’t matter that the original images are unstable and low-resolution. When he raises a cheeky forehead, he feels discomfort in his soul.

Of course, the new look of G-Man is useful for in addition to recreating old E3 demos. Laddo famously recreated himself Talking Heads video for Once in a Lifetime in Alien Costume. Along with the talented JapaneseBushBaby voice actor, the couple also wrote this phenomenal Half-Life: Alyx cooking video.

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