The Garden Path is a cozy life simulator that looks straight out of a picture

The garden path is a cozy life simulator that looks straight out of a picture [/ embed]

The Garden Path, an incredibly comfortable life simulator from solo developer Carrotcake, will hit PC later this year.

The game begins like other life simulators: you start a new life surrounded by nature, you meet the strange characters that inhabit the space next to you and you spend fishing or gardening serenely.

Time in The Garden Path changes at the rate of real time, which means you can plant some thoughts before you go to bed and wake up in the morning to see that they have started to grow. From time to time, several different characters will appear in your forest, such as a fisherman or a tea maker.

Hand-drawn art is pretty amazing, like a moving landscape painting or the kind of storybook your mom would read to you as a child. There are a lot of earthy tones in the muted color palette, which gives it a relaxed and minimalist atmosphere.

It seems like a pretty warm and welcoming experience, with which you can really spend time. Cozy life simulators have really thrived in recent years – others stand out Stardew Valley, Cozy Grove and nearby Hokko Life. I am 100% here for that.

There is no solid release date for The Garden Path yet, but it is expected to be Steam release sometime in 2021.

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