The Glorious Model D ultralight model runs wirelessly with a range of 71 hours

The glorious model d ultralight model runs wirelessly with a range of 71 hours

According to popular demand, Glorious will manufacture a wireless version of its lightweight, ergonomically shaped Model D gaming mouse, the company confirmed. The release date remains a mystery, but Glorious says it will be "fully in stock" when it launches and will not need pre-orders or ship them in batches.

This is good news, given the frustrating year it has been to try to acquire PC hardware. For the most part, peripherals are plentiful (except for flight launches after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator), but the security that Wireless Model D not missing it is still welcome.

Model D is similar to that of the fleet The O model, however, changes the ambidextrous shape for a slightly curved mold and suitable for right-handed players. And just like the Model O went on the wireless network a few months ago, the Model D will follow suit, probably soon.

Glorious said it partnered with Pixart to design a sensor that wouldn’t drain battery life too quickly.

"The D Wireless model features our proprietary BAMF wireless mouse sensor without delays created in collaboration with Pixart. This innovative low-power sensor allows the MDW to have an exceptional 71-hour battery life, perfect for gaming sessions and prolonged productivity, ”Glorious says.

The company did not go into details about the sensor, but it appears to be the same as that used in the Model O Wireless. If so, it will have 19,000 DPI (with default configurations of 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI that can be re-mapped using the software), 50 G acceleration, and a tracking speed of 400 inches per second.

The D Wireless model will also have six buttons, though, under the hood, things are a little different from the wireless model. Glorious says the no-tail model will debut the "new and improved proprietary switches" from the company it developed with Kailh.

“Our team has carefully designed these innovative switches to provide sharp, satisfying clicks,” says Glorious.

The Wireless D model will be priced at $ 80 when it arrives. As for when this will be, Glorious is awaiting confirmation that its inventory order has arrived in the warehouse, after which it will announce the release date and time.

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