The Gnarly concept art from the canceled sequel to The Thing is online

The gnarly concept art from the canceled sequel to the thing is online

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In 2002, the late developer Computer Artworks stopped working on a sequel to John Carpenter's The Thing. 20 years later, concept artist Ron Ashtiani has given us a series of horrible monster designs that have been lurking in the shadows for too long.

Planned as a follow-up to the horror of survival at the 2002 Computer Artworks connection The Thing (above), The Thing 2 would have seen the R.J. by Kurt Russel. MacReady and former protagonist Blake team up to fight through refinery cities, oil rigs and aircraft carriers, facing more deadly versions of the alien creatures.

A head crab

(Image credit: Ron Ashtiani)

Post enabled Artstation earlier this week, Ashtiani downloaded a lot of conceptual art. The stars of the show are his creations of creatures: really horrible, he adopts an already brutal design that would see the game full of torsos, crab-like heads and fleshy masses that bloom from the remains of a helicopter.

A bloody trick that Ashtiani describes was an "exploded" system that would see parts of things-like creatures burst into humanoid enemies. It marks the seams where a character’s skin was opened to reveal gnawing ribs, bodies that split in two as alien tentacles exploded and clung to the walls. 2002 would have been awesome.

A concept page for a creature of explosive things

(Image credit: Ron Ashtiani)

Unfortunately, The Thing 2 would not be. In a 2014 interview with Eurogamer, lead designer Andrew Curtis explained that the game never got past the prototyping stage. The rapid growth caused the studio to take on too many projects to manage, and it finally closed in 2003.

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