The GTA 2 Glitchpunk-inspired cyberpunk action game hits Early Access on August 11th

The gta 2 glitchpunk-inspired cyberpunk action game hits early access on august 11th

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This top-down action game is inspired by Grand Theft Auto 2, the strangest GTA. Set in a dystopian neon-lit city, it’s a game about driving, fighting with gangs and cults, and chaos in the colorful urban sprawl of a distant, dark future. Today, publisher Daedalic revealed that the game would be released on Steam Early Access on August 11, and accompanied the announcement with a new trailer, which you can see above.

Everything seems very chaotic and full of action, but the developer Dark Lord promises that there is much more Glitchpunk that only futuristic explosions and shootings. "(The game) also tells a compelling story of transhumanism, xenophobia and religion," the study says. "You can influence the world around you, make new friends, face more enemies than you can count on, and perhaps turn an enemy's aversion into affection."

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Glitchpunk sees you playing as a "sticky android" who rebels against his own programming "and challenges the tyrannical governments and megacorps of the near future distopain." On your journey you will encounter drugged mad gangsters and aggressive cops, who will be able to fight with a selection of melee weapons and weapons. Cyberpunk video game stuff is pretty standard for its sounds, but the brightly colored rhythm and violence of the fight seems pretty fun.

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