The hackers claim that Resident Evil 8 fixes performance issues

Resident evil village dlc is in development "by popular demand" [/ embed]

While some players didn't have a problem with Resident Evil Village's performance on the PC, others did reported regular stuttering, especially when swarms of flies appear during head fights and enemies catch the player for a bite, as well as during cut scenes, when enemies die and in the village market area.

A pirated RE8 version of the Empress cracker claims to have solved these problems by ignoring the Denuvo DRM. The Empress's notes on crack say, "All the blinds in the game like killing a zombie are fixed because Capcom DRM's [chapter] points are corrected, so most of its functions never run again "and" the worst thing is that your DRM was completely obscured in Denuvo's virtual machine, making it run even slower ".

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