The Halo Infinite multiplayer will have its own ongoing story

The halo infinite multiplayer will have its own ongoing story

The story of Halo Infinite will not be limited to the adventures of John Masterchief and his holographic girlfriend. Infinite multiplayer will also tell an ongoing science fiction story, creative chief Joseph Staten suggested in blog post this week.

In a fairly robust update, 343 delved into some of the features revealed in Halo Infinite’s E3 multiplayer showcase. The team explains how the complementary "Halo Waypoint" app has been reworked to allow you to customize the Spartan off-game game and describes the thinking behind the game's permanent battle steps, with the team design director live Ryan Paradis who says the traditional model is not "funny and not first player".

"We want (the past) to be an extra reward flow for the time you've been in the game. I can't stand it when I'm playing a game ONLY to complete the Battle Pass. I do work for myself."

But at the end of the post, Halo veteran Staten closes by saying that Infinity's multiplayer will develop as its own continuation of the larger narrative, and that each season will push the story a little further. This is not uncommon for F2P shooters (see Fortnite’s constant twists and turns), but it’s news for Halo, who has largely treated multiplayer as their own standalone thing.

"At the heart of our plans is the goal of deeply rooting your multiplayer character in the larger Halo universe and giving them an active and vital role in the history of Halo. 39; Halo advancing, "Staten said. "As we will do exactly in the coming seasons and years … Well, we're not ready to share details yet."

The first season, called Heroes of Reach, will begin with what sounds like a return to the place of the inciting Halo tragedy. Free events for a week will propel the season forward with themed cosmetics and their own reward tracks, while “Fracture” events sporadically seem to break the canon with the samurai’s power armor.

Staten says the first season takes place during a "transformative moment" in the story, and he seems excited about exploring the environment beyond the mastermind, an old soldier he could probably take a nap with. permanent.

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