The head of human resources at Blizzard has also disappeared

Activision blizzard employees denounce corporate statements: "we are here, angry and not so easily silenced"

Blizzard president J. Allen Brack is not the only executive to come out the company today. First report of Bloomberg, a spokesman for Activision Blizzard confirmed to PC Gamer that Jesse Meschuk, former senior vice president of HR at Blizzard, "is no longer in the company." Activision Blizzard did not provide a more detailed chronology of when Meschuk left.

Meschuk was the head of Blizzard's human resources department, which allegedly worked to cover up abuse and was deeply dysfunctional, according to an Axios report. Speaking to dozens of current and former employees, the report details how Blizzard's human resources department "actively protected" abusers from punishments related to allegations made against them. In one case, a former employee named Nicki Broderick says he reported his manager after a heated argument and he refused to let her out of the desk or pick up his phone. According to Broderick, the Blizzard human resources representative said the manager was not at fault and, to raise the issue, Broderick says he felt retaliated against. "They didn't give me any new projects. They didn't consider me promoted three years after this incident," he told Axios. Another employee denounced a co-worker who physically abused her and said she was skeptical because "she was no longer hysterical."

Employees also say the department had confusing and obscure protocols for reporting problems, lacked proper procedures to document reported abuses, and even faced so much employee rotation that the department stretched.

Meschuk's departure from Blizzard comes after Activision Blizzard president Bobby Kotick said the company was conducting internal investigations and that "anyone who has obstructed the integrity of the processes [Activision's Blizzard] to assess claims and impose appropriate consequences will be finalized. "

During a earnings call today, Kotick and other Activision Blizzard executives reiterated this sentiment almost a dozen times. "There is no place in our company where discrimination, harassment or unequal treatment of any kind will be tolerated," Kotick said in his opening statement. "Our work environment [wherever we operate] will not allow discrimination, harassment or unequal treatment. We will be the company to set an example in our industry."

“People will be held accountable for their actions,” Kotick also said.

Activision Blizzard has been embroiled in controversy since July 21, when the state of California announced it was suing the company for multiple claims of widespread sexual harassment and discrimination. Since then, thousands of employees have come forward to condemn Activision Blizzard's public response and demand change. For more information on the lawsuit and the subsequent controversy, read our full description of what has happened so far.

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