The Internet reacts to the Steam Deck

The internet reacts to the steam deck

Valve announced something new, and as always, that meant the Internet was turning on like a switchboard, with only opinions instead of electricity. First we took the obvious: praise Valve for doing what Nintendidn & # 39; t do, double the Steam Deck as the Switch Pro. How Hard disk he wrote: "In the press, a full spec sheet of the Switch Pro also revealed that it would include a much-anticipated Switch feature of functional analog sticks." Oof.

Sony copied it too. Mark Doherty, who directs the parody account of former Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, decided to release this screenshot with its own name: "With Horizon and Day & # 39; s Gone now on Steam, Sony has already given more support to Steam Deck than to PS Vita." YouTuber and co-founder of Kindafunny Greg Miller is also crazy about Vita.

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