The Internet reacts to XDefiant

The internet reacts to xdefiant

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As usual in recent years, Ubisoft has announced this week a new multiplayer FPS. This time, Ubisoft is targeting Call of Duty with a free 6v6 arena game with classes based on other Tom Clancy properties. It has character skills, customizable loads, a quick time to kill, and the first gameplay looks pretty fun.

Oh, and it’s called XDefiant. Yes, that's really the name. Sorry, I should have ripped this belt off earlier.

Ubisoft's ridiculous name has likely been the subject of much reaction on the Internet in the hours since the revelation. Collin MacGregor on FanByte pointed out that XDefiant sounds like a kind of cheap antivirus software that appears on a Dell laptop since 2009. Others confused it with the children's television network DisneyXD for obvious reasons.

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IG Mar's Tom Marks also thought of Disney when he heard the name, but he thinks XDefiant looks more like one Original 1998 Disney Channel movie on a band of extreme sports friends. "Tom & # 39; XD & # 39; Clancy and her crew live as they drive, all the way to the MAX. But when the burly MegaBucks threatens to turn their park into a mall, it's up to them to do it with the power of skating. are: the XDefiant ".

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