The Kerbal space program receives one last major update for its tenth anniversary

The kerbal space program receives one last major update for its tenth anniversary

The Kerbal space program is ten years old this week, but it certainly doesn't feel like it. Perhaps this is because during his early years Kerbal lived with his own pitcher as a rough alpha; version 1.0 didn’t arrive until 2015. Maybe Kerbal doesn’t have a decade because it got into the canon of the big PC games so quickly, it’s hard to imagine it hasn’t been longer.

After years of developing a team around the world, the Kerbal Squad developer is finally fine-tuning its space program and moving forward to help develop the sequel, but not before releasing one last major update.

"This is the latest big version of KSP1. We are ending the celebration with this great one," says production manager Néstor Gómez. "I think the players will love it. It has a lot of great features, so we're excited about that, too."

One of the most important new features of the anniversary update, 1.12, is a maneuvering tool that allows you to plan more complex interplanetary flights without the need for any modifications to make it easier.

"The general player struggles to understand astrophysics and how to get from Kerbin to Mun, Dune or another planet," says programmer Jamie Leighton. "" How can I plan this and try to get my ship there? "In this edition of the Anniversary, we will have a tool that allows the player to go" I want to go from this planet with this ship, to this planet, how can I get there? "And it will calculate it for you and you it will create the maneuver. You still have to fly it. But it is there for those who want to use it. "

There are other additions that will leave Kerbal players long happy, even if they don’t seem to change lives, such as swivel docking collar collars to align ships to the right, and changes for many of the Kerbal planets that make their surfaces more beautiful.

The update is released on Thursday with Kerbal's birthday, but it's certainly not the end for KSP. In fact, it’s being ported to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year and many of its developers will continue to work Kerbal space program 2.

"Several members of the team are already helping KSP2," says Gomez. "This has happened, I don't know how long, really providing content for KSP2, maybe more than a year. So we've been in this transition for a long time. We've been slowly increasing this interaction between teams. "That's the plan. We'll all help KSP2 and make sure it goes very well. I'm very excited for the next stage for all of us."

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