The latest Ascent patch adds ray tracing to the Game Pass version, crushing cooperative bugs

The latest ascent patch adds ray tracing to the game pass version, crushing cooperative bugs

We had a great time with The Ascent in these areas. Andy got the isometric RPG 84%, citing his awesome cyberpunk world and sharp combat. The only notable flaw was a strange lack of technical parity between the Steam and Game Pass versions of the game. Not only has the co-op been a chore when using cross-play, but key graphics features, such as ray tracking and DLSS, were completely absent from the Game Pass version at launch.

Developer Neon Giant says some of these issues have already been fixed thanks to a patch deployed this morning on all platforms. Here is the full list of performance enhancements that are only relevant to PC versions:

  • Solutions to improve performance on DX12, also with Ray Tracing.
  • Note for players: When making the first upgrade, there will be a 20-25 second "stop" when loading into the main menu to allow some cache before playing. This is a one time event.
  • Ray Tracing is now available for gamers in the Windows Store.
  • NPC loading improved
  • CPU performance mode for low-end computers

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