The latest character in Street Fighter 5 is a link to Street Fighter 6

The latest character in street fighter 5 is a link to street fighter 6

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Capcom has announced that the final character to be added to the Street Fighter V list is Luke, a new challenger and, according to Capcom's official account, "a key player in the future of the series." Which probably indicates that Luke is a key figure in the eventual Street Fighter 6 (Capcom has this habit of showing a particular character as the "core" of certain entries: Alex in Street Fighter III, Ryu for the reinvention of Street Fighter IV and Necalli for Street Fighter V, RIP Necalli).

Luke has a punch-centered fighting style and looks like a kind of cross between a boxer and an MMA fighter. It also has more than a few similarities to one of Street Fighter’s old gems, Guile: blonde hair, dog tags, and, as you’ll see above, projectiles that bear a passive resemblance to sound booms. Finally, Luke mentions his father in the trailer and has a pretty big tattoo on the upper body of the stars and stripes, so … yeah. It looks like Guile (or Nash) has a son.

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