The latest Everspace 2 update has more than 150 changes, including new missions inspired by the classic PC Descent

The latest everspace 2 update has more than 150 changes, including new missions inspired by the classic pc descent

The latest Everspace 2 update, titled Zharkov: The Vortex, adds a lot of new content, tweaks, and features to the game, which developer Rockfish has easily described. Kickstarter post. The update takes the name of a newly added region of space, which the developer promises is "full of new secrets, activities, puzzles and loot, but there is also a lot of danger." Check out the game trailer below to see the site.

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Among the new content of the Zharkov upgrade is a ship, the Vanguard. Rockfish describes him as a "very maneuverable reconnaissance fighter with a strong emphasis on speed / mobility and defensive measures." The developer has also added new Descent-inspired drone missions, which are "all about your 6DoF maneuvering skills" while piloting a maintenance drone "through narrow tunnels and avoiding safety barriers that move far underground" .

Rockfish adds: "Our vision of the game has always included the introduction of new game mechanics and objectives to keep things fresh, such as puzzle resolution or, in this case, remote. Controlling a drone on the descent."

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The update also adds additional content to the story, which spills over into the new Zharkov region, and new gadgets, including the Fusion hook, which will allow you to take "some zero-G swing maneuvers" into space. And there are a whole host of UI updates, bug fixes, and balance adjustments that are too numerous to include in a brief news release. You can read them all here on the page update change log.

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