The latest expansion of Red Dead Online will make you want it to be a single player DLC again

The latest expansion of red dead online will make you want it to be a single player dlc again

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"Experience civilized crime in Frontier America!" Yes! "Thefts, shakedowns and more new illegal activities!" YES! "A Red Dead Online: Blood Money!" Dagnabbit.

Okay, I'm being a little tough. Blood Money is a fairly important (and free) update to Red Dead Online that is now live and adds a lot of new stories to the multiplayer component of the game. Players work for NPC Guido Martelli to gather a coin called Capitale in thefts, shakedowns, and increasingly harsh crime contracts that lead to "Opportunities," the most important events in the expansion.

There are three “opportunities” to get to Blood Money, but it launches with one. In this you will be "in search of the Covington Emerald, an ill-gotten inheritance coveted by black hats everywhere, transported by rail on a heavily guarded train."

The expansion also adds a set of cosmetic winnings, called The Quick Draw Club, which each cost 25 gold bars, but will eventually be rewarded the same if completed.

The press release also includes this promotional image of a horse that looks like it should advertise cologne.

Blood dead expansion from red dead online.

(Image credit: Rockstar Games.)

Finally, the update will add Nvidia DLSS support for anyone with the right graphics cards. This is what our hardware manufacturers do.

It’s a little sad that Rockstar no longer does “DLC” for a single player. We are a long way from the days when the studio released GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas for three incredible years, and the crazy production values ​​for which Rockstar games are now known mean that the differences between each of their titles are more bigger than ever. When the single player DLC was over, it was great. But now online fashions are the long queue for these games and where the money is, so instead of getting GTAV something like Tony's Ballad Tony, you get dozens of cosmetics a week in update cycles that are difficult to care for.

Rockstar may even be suspicious. It should be noted that Cayo Perico's expansion for GTA Online sold a lot, as "it's almost like single-player content, honestly."

I would kill for something like Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare DLC, which completely changed the tone of this world and leaned into silly things. But even something less ambitious would make any reason to go back to the wonderful experience of a Red Dead 2 player. It’s a shame that, from the looks of things, Capitale always dictates otherwise.

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