The latest expansion of Wasteland 3 is Cult of the Holy Detonation

The latest expansion of wasteland 3 is cult of the holy detonation [/ embed]

Post-apocalyptic knots that venerate a nuclear core? I've heard it before. What’s different about the Holy Detonation Worship is that they venerate a nuclear explosion that stays in you, a miraculous boom that never booms. Your god could be a weapon or a potential source of energy and obviously you can't trust a bunch of yahoo mutants.

This is where it comes in. The second and final narrative expansion of Wasteland 3 sends you to the Cheyenne Mountain complex that the Holy Detonation Cult calls home. According to the developers inXile, "Your Rangers team will be tested like never before in goal-based encounters that give a creative turn to turn-based combat, already deeply tactical. As they face overwhelming odds, the Rangers will have to 39; shut down reactors, clean ventilation systems, and take defensive countermeasures to stop an endless mother of mutants and dangerous machines inside the ruined military bunker. "

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