The latest patch from Counter-Strike says don't be fooled, please

The latest patch from counter-strike says don't be fooled, please

You have to love the developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Regretted by fans for the lack of communication, never fixing the “right” things, and apparently ignoring the community’s repeated requests for services such as higher tick servers, Valve’s crack team, however, puts the head on the parapet every few months and throws us a bone. Right now, everyone is complaining that the bone doesn’t have that much bone marrow, that it’s the wrong kind of bone, and that we haven’t ordered any damn bone anyway, pls Gaben.

It seems to me half that it is deliberate. Anyways, the latest CS: GO patch has arrived and makes mostly minor changes to the combination frontend: you can now select Premier mode along with other competitive maps (before you had to choose one or the other), and now the game allows you to set up various matchmaking presets for the competition that is, your favorite map groupings). There are also some various solutions to things like the bot difficulty selector in War Games and the ever-present "stability enhancements".

What really tickled me about these patch notes, though, is that they have “Added a link to CS: GO Fair Play guidelines when playing on official game servers. "That is, when the 'Accept' button appears to confirm a competitive match, it will now include a link to some new fair play guidelines: so let's take a look.

Cts are waiting for counter-strike's global offensive.

(Image credit: Valve Corporation)

"Playing CS: GO together works best when everyone participates in a game with similar expectations. Players who choose to play on official CS: GO servers are expected to:

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