The latest update of Microsoft Flight Sim makes the Nordic countries even more beautiful, in a way

The latest update of microsoft flight sim makes the nordic countries even more beautiful, in a way

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The last stop of Microsoft Flight Simulator's global mission to polish the planet, this week's global update, was given the unenviable task of doing something like the Nordic countries. from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway look even prettier.

With previous global updates that touched Japan, France, the UK and more, MSFS has now turned its eyes to the Nordic countries. As usual, height maps and aerial imagery have been improved, but the update also includes 78 new points of interest to detect through the window.

Scandinavia (and Finland) are known almost for both their architectural creativity and their stunning surroundings. In the showcase trailer, we take a brief tour of some of the strangest, wildest structures now included in MSFS, from Denmark’s vast offshore wind farms and Sweden’s Arctic Cathedral, prisms, to the imposing Holmenkollbakken ski jump from Norway.

The upgrade also comes with five landing challenges that will take you through a number of winter conditions, its associated airports recreated with new models.

Everything is good enough to spend a summer holiday in the Nordic countries. But for a more intense flight, MSFS feels the need for speed Free Top Gun themed DLC. Expect fighter jets, daring landings and some absolutely stellar glasses when it falls later this year.

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