The live broadcast of Take-Two's E3 was not what viewers expected

The live broadcast of take-two's e3 was not what viewers expected

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“Companies really need to have responsibilities and do what’s right,” said 2K diversity, inclusion and equality director Toni Ligons, PhD during Take-Two’s live E3 broadcast. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to hear during a 30-second segment on corporate responsibility being played out in front of the E3 guns trailers, but that wasn’t the case with GTA’s Take-Two editor. I pointed out this line for about 30 minutes on a 45-minute panel on corporate responsibility and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in the gaming industry, which was the entirety of Take-Two E3’s “keynote”.

It’s not quite what viewers of the E3 Twitch channel expected. When Take-Two said it was doing an E3 show, we thought it would talk about GTA Online or Borderlands, maybe it would announce something new from Firaxis. Some parts of E3 are business-focused, but are best known for being the leading consumer-oriented video game event. This is where consoles and blockbusters are advertised.

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