The Logitech G603 wireless gaming mouse is now on sale for $ 45

The logitech g603 wireless gaming mouse is now on sale for $ 45

Logitech sells many keyboards and mice, including many accessories designed for gaming. The G603 mouse hasn’t earned a place in our best wireless mouse summary (there are other Logitech mice instead), but it’s still a great choice, from first-person shooter to browse Excel spreadsheets. You can now pick one up for $ 44.99, a reduction from the usual price of $ 50 to $ 60.

The Logitech G603 Lightspeed is a wireless gaming mouse, first launched in 2017. Like most other gaming-ready wireless mice, it connects to your PC via a 2.4GHz USB receiver, which proves a low latency wireless connection. The wireless signal is quite strong, but just in case your desktop PC is packed under a desk or shelf, Logitech also includes an extension cord for the receiver in the box. You can also use a normal Bluetooth connection.

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