The man invades the live TV show that GTA6 demands

Grand theft auto 6 is still “early in development” and may not be released until 2025

Rockstar North hasn’t said a word about the inevitable Grand Theft Auto 6, which means, of course, that every week from now on there will be “leaks,” rumors, and general crushes. Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013 and with some of the rumors mentioned, suggesting we won’t see GTA6 until 2025, some fans are going crazy.

The clip above is from a German TV show called Beat the Star, in which contestants take on a celebrity in various challenges (climbing, hockey, racing, this type of environment) to gain some mass. But not here! While host Alexander Duszat (known in Germany as "Elton") talks to reality TV star Evelyn Burdecki, a member of the audience takes the stage and translates roughly this is their exchange.

Man: I wish you a good day, my name is Asa (?). What I want to know is where the hell is GTA 6? I have been waiting for GTA 6 for eight years.

Elton: GTA 6? I will be there.

Man: Yeah, exactly, call this on camera.

Evelyn Burdecki: I have to say you scared me a little bit.

Elton: GTA 6? I have no responsibility, the programs must …

Evelyn Burdecki: Isn’t that a video game?

Man: Exactly, GTA 6.

Evelyn Burdecki: I didn't know

Home: Send a message. Call the camera "Where is GTA 6?"

Elton: No, I don't have to do that, I haven't even finished GTA 5.

Man: Well someday, someday!

Elton: Did Take-Two pay this guy or who makes the game?

Right now, our German friend, who can be called Asa, is being politely escorted off the scene by a security guard. It is such a reasonable exit that it is suspected that the guard is also waiting for GTA 6.

The clear familiarity of the host Elton with the series, to the point of mentioning that it has been published by Take Two, has provoked some questions about the veracity of this seemingly spontaneous moment: is it staged? A little post-Gamescom guerrilla marketing to whet the world's appetite?

Viously, obviously, it's impossible to say, but it may be worth taking off your tin hat for a moment to acknowledge that it's unusual for someone to have played the world's largest video game (and one that shows you the Take- Two each time you load it) up). The fact that Elton is joking about the man who is paying Take-Two also goes against guerrilla theory, unless it is a shiny methacrylate. And he could be a guy who's really losing his shit because of the lack of GTA6 news or who bet on his partner before he goes on the show.

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. Until then, here it is all speculation in one place.

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