The Microsoft Flight Simulator patch improves performance, but causes more crashes

New update of ms flight simulator to offer a dramatic increase in performance on the pc

A major update to Microsoft Flight Simulator was introduced this week, with improved performance as one of its main focuses. According to the release notes, added "improved multi-core CPU support," as well as "better memory and GPU usage" and "faster load times." In addition, "stuttering has been significantly reduced." This all sounds great, but unfortunately the update has also caused the game to crash on the desktop for some players, even on the menu. This is not so fantastic.

The subreddit contains several posts in the line "The new update has increased performance, unfortunately this is not useful because now I can't play for 5 minutes without falling to the desktop"or deploying the file usual memes. The tone of the posts on the official forum has been less playful, despite this.

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