The Microsoft Flight Simulator patch reduces the download size by half

The microsoft flight simulator patch reduces the download size by half

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a big, meaty game. He Steam The page says you need at least 150 GB of disk space and the actual download is even bigger. Great games are a fact of life in this exciting digital age, but still, it is a problem for anyone with a slow or dodged internet connection.

Fortunately, for all of us (and especially for bad people on the Internet), the latest update has reduced the size of this initial download by more than half, from more than 170 GB to just 83 GB. Microsoft did not reveal exactly how it managed to pull off that magic that tightened its pants, saying only that "we did some optimizations for the full initial download of the title."

I checked it out for myself and it has definitely shrunk as promised. The initial Steam download weighs a little over 700 MB and, once up and running, the launcher will complete the installation by downloading another 81 GB of data. There are still a lot of downloads, but it’s a big improvement over what it was.

Another big change is the reduction in the use of weather bandwidth, which could lead to better game performance. As we have pointed out Last year, Flight Sim used a lot of transmitted data to allow "real" weather information, air traffic, and satellite information, and having it all up and running can affect frame rates, especially if you have other things, such as downloads or Netflix, eating data in the background. The patch notes do not specify the amount of the reduction, but every bit helps.

The patch introduces a number of changes to navigation, weather, and aircraft, and of course makes a number of bug fixes to the game and its editors. There's also a caveat that RV users can get bugs when they exit RV mode: developers aren't completely sure why, but they suspect that the runtime of the OpenXR v106 preview could play a role, so if you have a problem, go back to the runtime of v105 and see what this does for you. Full patch notes are available at

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