The myth of Skyrim's "treasure fox" has been told

The myth of skyrim's "treasure fox" has been told

Recently, former Bethesda artist Nate Purkeypile traveled to Twitter to tell the story of how during the development the Skyrim presentation cart was defeated by a single bee. Joel Burgess, another former Bethesda employee who worked at Skyrim as a level designer, spoke in more detail about this particular bug (are they insect bees? Doesn’t matter), and has now returned with another backstage story from the Skyrim development —The treasure fox tale.

If you’ve been playing Skyrim long enough, you may have heard that if you follow a wild fox, it will take you to a place with loot. Arguments as to whether this is true go back at least a decade. As Burgess explains, there is actually some truth, although the foxes were not deliberately designed that way.

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