The NAND creator has a brave new idea for your gaming PC's RAM

The nand creator has a brave new idea for your gaming pc's ram

Dr. Fujio Masuoka is best known as the inventor of NAND, but if dynamic flash memory is expected the way his company expects it, it could also be known as the progenitor of the DRAM substitute.

A paper presented at the 13th IEEE International Memory Workshop on May 18 set out the promise of Dynamic Flash Memory (DFM) using Surround Gate Transistor (SGT) technology. This new type of theoretical memory is similar to Flash NAND, but offers higher densities compared to dynamic RAM.

(Image credit: Unisantis)

In case you’re not stuck with the gossip on the memory landscape, it’s long been accepted that the future of DRAM looks bleak. There are a lot of technologies online to replace the relatively inefficient memory we build around our computers. The problem is, most of these alternatives are very expensive, especially when compared to DRAM.

Like DRAM, this new DFM technology still involves electric charge filtering, although it does so at a much slower rate and therefore requires as much energy. Nor is it destructive when it comes to read cycles, unlike DRAM, which has to rewrite the state of the memory cell when its contents are read.

This means fewer updates are needed in total, which can lead to higher bandwidth for reading and writing. In addition, DFM uses a block-based structure, which should also equate to faster access.

DFM is in the theoretical stage right now, although Unisantis has simulations that show four times the current DRAM density. This means we could see 64 Gbit chips instead of 16 Gbit ones. The company is currently looking for partners to develop the technology and move towards the production of a physical prototype.

It will be years before this replaces DRAM, so in the meantime, if you’re in the market to upgrade your system’s RAM, be sure to check out our DRAM guide. best RAM for gaming.

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