The new Deathloop video causes something to happen between Colt and Julianna

The new deathloop video causes something to happen between colt and julianna [/ embed]

An expanded Deathloop game trailer appeared during the real-time broadcast of State of Play, which featured the mission to chase and kill Aleksis "The Wolf" Dorsey.

The trailer covers a bit of everything, showing weapons, powers and devices, and some unexpected and friendly conversations between the hero, Colt and his enemy Julianna. Things get a little more interesting halfway through the race when an alarm goes off, indicating that another player has “invaded” the game and now controls Julianna. This is a problem for Colt: enemies controlled by artificial intelligence fall quite easily when faced with a boy who is basically Corvo Attano with a shotgun, but is set against another player who does not have to face to them, the sole purpose is to hunt quietly. that is, it is a very different type of headache.

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