The new Dying Light 2 game proves that stealth can be fun this time around

The new dying light 2 game proves that stealth can be fun this time around

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The slow flow of information from Dying Light 2 continued today during episode 2 of the game's official revelation stream, Morir 2 Saber. The flow focused primarily on the game’s special zombie types in a new game clip of what appears to be nearing the start of the game.

The game clip follows the protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, and a freerunning friend as they sneak through a zombie-infested hospital to grab some bracelets that will let them know if they’re about to become zombies (a bit ironic having consider what to look for them, but they are basically machines to kill zombies). During the broadcast, Techland said the stealth of Dying Light 2 will improve considerably compared to the first game. I thought the stealth was fine in the 2015 original, but it was pretty annoying to dodge the zombie vision cones at night.

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