The new expansion of Minecraft Dungeons brings the fight to the Endermen

The new expansion of minecraft dungeons brings the fight to the endermen

The latest version of Minecraft dungeonsPayment expansions travel to The End, home to those creepy stick-like creatures, the Endermen. This is not a diplomatic mission: you will kill them, of course, and turn them into charming little voxel chips, along with lots of other new types of enemies.

He Resonating the void The expansion will launch on July 28 and will also introduce new legendary equipment, better than conquering the purple neon chasms of The End. No price has been announced, but previous extensions cost $ 6 (A $ 9.05). In addition to the paid content, there will also be free DLC, which is pretty exciting in itself, as it features the Gauntlet of Wales, a “unique maze-shaped mission” full of puzzles and tests.

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