The new Hitman 3 roadmap provides us with a luxurious Agent 47 and Marrakech for free

The new hitman 3 roadmap provides us with a luxurious agent 47 and marrakech for free

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IO has just released the latest roadmap for Hitman 3, which shows the new deadly sin, a free level and more. This time we are looking forward to Berlin, although you will not see an excited Agent 47 at any time.

The Assignment of Lust the climbing contract has our favorite bald killer (just?) tracking down a secret admirer, rather than being the beloved. The Berlin nightclub has been given an attractive makeover, and even Agent 47 himself looks pretty sultry in a brown snakeskin suit. There is also a beautiful crossbow adorned with snakes to complete the mission, along with another snake theme in the form of a remote explosive.

Along with the lust season, IO also announced the next pair of maps that will be made free in its continuous rotation. Right now, you can play Hitman 1 Marrakech for free until August 8, with the Hitman 1 A House Built on Sand bonus mission available from August 12 to 22. He will also see the return of The Entertainer as an elusive target on August 20.

Dartmoor will host a permanent event in the form of the Dartmoor Garden Show on August 5, which will adorn the manor’s gardens with lots of different flowers and foliage. He also makes Agent 47 available in the painfully elegant summer tourist suit, with a sweater slipped over his shoulders and all. IO has also launched the ICA 19 Goldballer weapon as an unlock to complete the untouchable challenge in the Carpathian mountains, which is quite tidy.

The season of lust has now begun, with new contracts and events spreading throughout August. We’ve already had Agent 47 commit greed, pride, and laziness, with greed after him. The allotment of lust will bring you back $ 4.99 / £ 4.99, while the whole caboodle of sin costs $ 29.99 / £ 29.99.

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