The New Saints Row reboot video includes real gameplay footage

Saints row developers "don't back down" in the face of reboot criticism

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Publishers like to release CG videos for future games that don't show the real look of the game. That was the case last week, when the public first got to know the new Saints Row game, but the previous video is sprinkled with some useful gameplay images on the engine.

However, it’s not a generous mass of material, as the 7-minute video focuses primarily on Volition developers talking about the reboot. Topics covered include the new southwestern American environment of Santo Ileso, which is a city surrounded by large strips of the southwestern desert, much better for vehicular chaos. We also get a breakdown of who the saints actually are in this installment, as well as brief profiles of some of the enemy unions that will be fighting.

The combat seems quite compatible with the previous installments: there is no open system of cover shots to talk about, but the armament, color schemes and vehicles look very nice (though maybe not in the same as Saints Row 4).

While the game's footage is welcome, most of what is covered in the video can be learned from Morgan's Preview of last week's Saints Row game. It arrives at Epic Game Store on February 25th.

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