The new Splitgate trailer reminds us that Halo with portals is really a lot of fun

The new splitgate trailer reminds us that halo with portals is really a lot of fun

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Splitgate (originally released as Splitgate: Arena Warfare in 2019) is going through a bit of rebranding. The FPS "Halo with portals" leaves its crude subtitles and also hits consoles with full compatibility starting July 27th.

This brand change seems like an effort by developer 1047 Games to remind people that Splitgate exists and is free to play, and I understand why: despite having a small player base and little fuss in the two years after its release, Splitgate is pretty damn good. well. I’ve picked up the game in the last few weeks, and while I suspect there are bots that help fill the matches, I’ve had a great time.

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