The new world player, "AmazonOfficial", has been controlling the MMO with Amazon facts

The new world player, "amazonofficial", has been controlling the mmo with amazon facts

Live games often have to be careful with what names players are allowed to say, for obvious reasons, so as not to end up with names with obscure language or insults. But also: if you, Amazon, have the New World MMO, it's probably not a good idea to let people who sign up call themselves "AmazonOfficial." Lulu Chiba, who is also the director of the Agro Crab Games and Eggnut Games community, did so immediately and used it for a chaotic good. (Thanks, Kotaku.)

In the screenshots shared on his Twitter, you can see Chiba sharing data about Amazon under the name AmazonOfficial. While other players ask if anyone knows where the blacksmith’s bellows is at the fisherman’s end, AmazonOfficial shares nuances worldwide such as, “Did you know your Alexa? constantly collects your data and listening to sell your information to other companies? On Amazon, you are the product! "

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