The next Crusader Kings 3 patch means fewer jester hats, ghostly kids

The next crusader kings 3 patch means fewer jester hats, ghostly kids

Crusader Kings 3 has a small update this week, currently in open beta on Steam, and released on June 22, except for some major bugs, which fixes some issues with the major medieval sims big patch 1.4. This patch was released on June 8, with some pretty good stuff, such as new hats and haircuts, as well as some game mechanics changes or anything like dynamic trimmings.

However, about those hats: there was a jester hat. Too many people wore that hat. I saw, like, a whole family wearing that hat at the same time the other day. The jester hat has become enervated: "The jester hat will be less fashionable from 1300 onwards and therefore will no longer be worn by most characters."

Elaborate simulation games always get the best patch notes, and while Dwarf Fortress is an all-time champion, Crusader Kings games have managed, over the years, for DF to run its money. Crusader Kings 3 is no different.

Here are a couple of others that I like:

  • Fixed list of characters of faith potentially overflowing and crashing the game due to dead people making their living
  • Characters with an opinion above 80 will successfully leave the factions
  • The decision on the development of capital can no longer be made by a child
  • Dead children should no longer show up during Meet Peers events

Damn ghost children, who always try to show up when I meet my classmates. You can read the full notes of beta patch 1.4.2 in the folder Crusader Kings 3 Forums.

For more fun patch notes, you should check out the March 1.3 patch summary, which is one of the best so far for funny word updates.

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