The next game by its story creator, Sam Barlow, is a Hollywood thriller that spans decades

The next game by its story creator, sam barlow, is a hollywood thriller that spans decades

Sunday’s Future Games Show came to a cinematic finale with the announcement of Immortality, a decades-long Hollywood mystery by the creator of Sam Story and Sam Barlow of Her Story and Telling Lies.

Caused last year to be "ten times more ambitious" than Barlow's most recent work, Immortality has been lurking in a highly worded form on Steam like Project Ambrosio, it hints only at a story that takes place over decades.

With the curtains drawn, Immortality is revealed as the story of actress Marissa Marcel, a fledgling star who appeared in only three unreleased films before disappearing completely. This teaser doesn’t give us much more than that, but given Barlow’s previous games, I would expect to dig into these buried films and documents to compose what happened to Marcel and find out why these films they never saw the light of day.

Barlow promised that immortality would be greater than Telling Lies. To do this, he has recruited some talented writers to help penetrate this mystery, including Amelia Gray (Mr Robot), Allan Scott (Queen & # 39; s Gambit) and Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart).

Her Story remains one of our favorite games, a thriller that Andy K has "all the drama and intrigue of the best TV crime shows, but which plays the interactive strengths of the medium in a bold and imaginative way." Review of its history. I’m excited to see that perfect marriage of suspenseful writing and non-linear design again as we delve deeper into the secrets of immortality in 2022.

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