The number of CS: GO players drops after Valve starts charging $ 15 for ranking

The number of cs: go players drops after valve starts charging $ 15 for ranking

A recent effort to curb cheating in CS: GO may be affecting the player base of one of Steam’s biggest games. In a June 3 patch, Valve released a complete rework of CS: GO Prime's status, a designation needed to play Competitive that players previously earned by playing enough of the game or buying it. Starting in June, Prime status will only be available for $ 15, making a smooth play wall a firm pay wall.

According to recent CS: GO simultaneous player averages recorded by SteamCharts, first seen by Dot Sports, the game has dropped 16.7% (a loss of more than 100,000 average players) since the beginning of June. Needless to say, the CS: GO player base fluctuates regularly like any other multiplayer game, and perhaps also for one of the most popular PC games. Still, this is the most intense month-to-month decline the game has seen since 2018.

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