The official Rainbow Six Siege board game will include a "ruler of line of sight"

The official rainbow six siege board game will include a "ruler of line of sight"

Rainbow Six Siege is getting an official mind board game at Mythic Games, the same people who made Super Fantasy Brawl and the official Darkest Dungeon board game. Named 6: Siege, the board game adaptation was announced in February, but released Kickstarter today to start pre-ordering. The standard edition starts at $ 70, but can also be purchased for $ 200 to access five planned extensions.

The board game aims to recreate Siege's tactical FPS action in a 1v1 board game, a feat that seems tougher than most board game adaptations. The base version includes the 20 operators with whom the video game was released in 2015, and subsequent expansions will add many more when the game launches next year. As an exclusive bonus to this campaign, support will now also be won by Zero Operator (AKA Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell).

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