The Olympic gold medalist is received at home with the Russian version of "Throw a coin at your wizard"

The olympic gold medalist is received at home with the russian version of "throw a coin at your wizard" [/ embed]

Russian Olympic sports shooter Vitalina Batsarashkina was a recent hit on social media, in part because of her great posture, but the players ™ had a special interest in the 24-year-old because of her posture. 39; ella with Witcher themed shooting frames and a Witcher medallion, which he also did when he won Olympic silver in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Now, the people of the Omsk house in Batsarashkina have also noticed it; gold medalist coming home with a very enthusiastic rendition of "Throw a Coin at Your Wizard," the bard song Jaskier sings during his first meeting with Geralt on the Netflix television series. There is even a heart.

This version is certainly much more … forceful than the original, but it is a welcome welcome for someone who recovers no less than two gold and one silver medal. Batsarashkina definitely took part; whenever the video shows it, you can see it singing. I mean, how could you not, it's "Throw a coin at your wizard." The choir is singing the Russian version, of course, as the show is dubbed. If you want to hear the Russian "Throw a coin" program, here it is a video for you. You will sing soon. Чеканной монетой, Чеканной монетой, ohoho …

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