The open free version of Chivalry 2 has started

A free open beta of chivalry 2 launches next week

I’ll get to the point: there’s an open beta version of Chivalry 2, it’s free and now it’s live. You can download it from the Epic Games Store – just find the file Cavalry Page 2 on the client, scroll down a bit, and then add the beta to your library. You should "take a look" as if you understood a game, but it's free.

I played an earlier beta and had a fantastic weekend helping out people with a big hammer. I recommend it and this beta includes more stuff than I've played. Among other things, you can try customizing the soldier, which is much more complete than you expected. You can combine faces, hair styles, voices, armor, heraldry and choose rusty or elegant versions of your weapons. I like it.

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There are also some 40-player servers available, duel servers (where players are asked to respectfully allow each other to fight each other) and a couple of 64-player target maps that weren’t in the latest beta. You can find here are more details on what's in the open beta, and if you want to learn more about Chivalry 2 in general, and why I think you should join me in hitting archers with a hammer, read my recent preview or just look at the gif I’ve included below. I should explain what Chiv 2 is all about, as well as any words I could write.

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