The original Samorost gets a free "enhanced edition" on Steam and Itch

The original samorost gets a free "enhanced edition" on steam and itch [/ embed]

Samorost 1, Amanita Designs ’first foray into the weird and wonderful point-and-click adventure games that would define the studio, has been updated with a free enhanced edition at Steam i

Improved editing enhances Samorost with crisp visuals and remastered sounds. But he also revises the soundtrack with a new audio by Tomáš "Floex" Dvořák, the composer of the later Samorost and Machinarium games.

Samorost has no words and plays games, which you can complete on a lunch break. Your little gnome moves through surreal landscapes made up of nature photographs and simple sketches, punctuating and inciting you to see what makes this world shoot. It is a philosophy that lasted into 2016 Samorost 3: A Greater Experience That Reviewer Andy Chalk called "strange, wonderful and a worthy next step in the evolution of Amanita's design."

More recently, Amanita brought her adventurous sensibility to fight builders with Pilgrims, where she recruits mischief and curiosities in hand to play in each new scene. The studio is currently working on a horrible thing Happy game, which will be released later this year.

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